Wooden Etched Desk & Wall Signs: C’est ne pas une SHL0MS


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LIMITED EDITION: This is a combination set of our desk and wall signs.

We've partnered up with SHL0MS to give you NFTouchables™. Because analog is the new digital. (We don't really have that trademarked, it's basically a performance character for the purposes of legitimizing just how ridiculous this is.)

There will literally only be one of these sets ever made. Seriously. Just TRY to order it after one has been sold. IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN, CHAD.

It doesn't get much more exclusive than this. And let's be honest, if we don't have exclusivity, what's even the point?

The desk sign is 7 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. It comes with a lovely wooden stand. You don't have to use it, but you know...optionality.

The wall sign is 11 inches tall & 19 inches wide, or approximately 1 by 1.5 bald eagles, for folks outside the U.S. It comes with a built-in mounting bracket so you can hang it literally anywhere that's capable of having things hung. hunged? hanged? hungeded?

All profits from these sets will be donated to Girls Who Code.

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